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            Coil Coating

            Kloeckner is proud to offer our clients the best in coil coating equipment and capabilities. Let our experts help with all of your coil coating needs.

            Coil Coating image

            Coating Process

            Kloeckner offers comprehensive coil coating capabilities throughout our North American service centers. As part of our promise to give our customers a seamless ordering experience, our services include sophisticated logistics services, end-to-end supply chain management, and expert consultation. The end result is that all orders can be made exactly to customer specification and invoiced through one supplier.

            Additional Services

            With more than 200,000 products in over 45 North American branches, Kloeckner can fulfill all your metal industry needs. Whether you need standard products or customized services, we are committed to your success. See below for a list of related services.
            Plate Rolling
            Thanks to investments in new and innovative...
            Hot Dip Galvanizing
            Improve the durability and enhance the look...
            Colored Stainless
            Kloeckner is proud to offer oxy-fuel cutting...
            With new equipment and expanded blanking capabilities,...

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