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            Assembly & Kitting

            Kloeckner offers advanced assembly and kitting services, streamlining the value chains of customers and packing more value into every order.

            Assembly & Kitting image

            Kitting and Assembly Process

            Kloeckner is committed to streamlining the supply chains of our customers and that means we’ve developed top-of-the-line assembly and kitting services. Kloeckner subsidiary, American Fabricators, has dedicated itself to providing the most extensive kitting and assembly available and is equipped to produce a wide range of parts that require mechanical fastening and different levels of assembly, including latches, locking mechanisms, and hinge installation. We have the equipment and material on hand to help you meet any deadline while simplifying your logistics and reducing costs.

            Additional Services

            Kloeckner provides fabrication services and processes to more than 130,000 customers in 13 countries. Our global scale means we've invested in the latest technology and can pass on simplified logistics and reduced costs to our customers. See below for a sample of the services Kloeckner offers.
            Kloeckner provides a wide variety of end...
            With new equipment and expanded blanking capabilities,...
            Plate Rolling
            Thanks to investments in new and innovative...
            Colored Stainless
            Kloeckner is proud to offer oxy-fuel cutting...

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